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Using the assembler

Using the assembler

The basic syntax to use the assembler (armasm) is:

armasm [options] inputfile

For example, to assemble the code in a file called myfile.s, and to include debugging information in the resulting object file, type:

armasm --debug myfile.s

This generates an object file called myfile.o.

Show/hideBuilding an example from assembler source

To build an assembler program, for example word.s:

  1. Assemble the source file using the command:

    armasm --debug word.s
  2. Link the file using the command:

    armlink word.o -o word.axf
  3. Use an ELF, DWARF 2, and DWARF 3 compatible debugger to load and run the image.

    Step through the program and examine the registers to see how they change.

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Using the Assembler:


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