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Autocompletion of compilation tools command-line option

Autocompletion of compilation tools command-line option

You can specify a shortened version of a command-line option with the autocompletion feature.

To use the autocompletion feature, insert a full stop (.) after the characters to be autocompleted.

The following rules apply to the autocompletion feature:

  • you must separate arguments from the full stop by an equals (=) character or a space character

  • you cannot use autocompletion for the arguments to an option

  • you must include sufficient characters to make the autocompleted option unique.

For example, use --diag_su.=223 to specify --diag_suppress=223 on the command line.

Specifying --diag.=223 is not valid, because --diag. does not identify a single unique command-line option.

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