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ARM: RTXv5 reports error "osRtxErrorStackUnderflow"

Information in this knowledgebase article applies to:

  • MDK-ARM v5
  • Pack: ARM CMSIS v5.00 or later
  • RTXv5


When using RTXv5, an implementation of CMSIS RTOSv2 API, my application throws the following error:


before entering into an endless loop in the function osRtxErrorNotify().

What could be causing this issue?


Likely, the stack of a thread was not allocating enough memory, before the thread started executing.


To find out which thread requires more resources, select the Source component variant for RTXv5, from the Manage Run-Time Environment dialog.

Manage RTE RTXv5 source variant

  • Note: In all versions of ARM's CMSIS pack, some users may receive the following warning or error message in the source file "rtx_kernel.c". Modify your project's settings accordingly:

    error:  #29: expected an expression   { .os_id = osRtxKernelId,

    armcc users can either enable "C99 Mode" or add the flag "--c99" to a source file's Options dialog => C/C++ tab => Misc. Controls to resolve the error.

     warning: designated initializers are a C99 feature [-Wc99-extensions]

    To avoid these warnings, armclang users can either select "c99" from the "Language C:" drop-down list in the C/C++ (AC6) tab, or use the flag "--std=c99".

After bringing in the RTXv5 source, in editor mode, go to the definition of the function osRtxThreadStackCheck(). Set a breakpoint at the call to osRtxErrorNotify(). Users can do this at optimization level 0. In debug mode, a custom Component Viewer dialog called RTX RTOS (View => Watch Windows => RTX RTOS) displays the status of all v2 threads. After running to the breakpoint, find the active thread. Exit debug mode, and increase the thread's stack size.




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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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