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SWPACK: Usage Options for PackUnzip.exe

Information in this knowledgebase article applies to:

  • MDK-ARM version 5.xx


Where i can find information regarding the usage options for PackUnzip.exe ?


When PackUnzip.exe -h is invoked from command line, then all the corresponding usage options are listed out. However, below is list, detailing all the options which can be used with PackUnzip.exe in order to download the packs.


PackUnzip.exe [-i] [-o] [--no-gui|-l|-p|-v|-h|-?]


  -i             :  Path to Software Pack (including the file name).
  -o             :  Output path override. Software Pack is installed into this directory
                    Caching of versioned .PACK, .PDSC, and license files is disabled.
                    If not set, the installation path is determined by the RTEPATH entry
                    in TOOLS.INI.
 --embedded      :  Software Pack installation embedded in another installation process.
                    Skips all dialogs but a potential license dialog
                    and the installation progress.
 --import        :  Copy .PACK file into ".Download" folder and extract versioned
                    PDSC file and license file.
                    Sets --no-gui. Use options -l and -p when using -o.
 --no-gui        :  Install a Software Pack without user interaction.
 --agree-license :  Skip potential license dialog when combined with '--no-gui'.
                    Note: This option is only available with MDK v5.25 pre-release
                    or later versions and must only be used with --no-gui
  -l             :  Extract a versioned license file.
                    It is placed next to the .PACK file in.
                    Sets --no-gui.
  -p             :  Extract a versioned PDSC file.
                    It is placed next to the .PACK file in.
                    Sets --no-gui.
 --pipe          :  Connect to a named pipe as a client in order to send
                    information about the PackUnzip status.
 --skip-check    :  Skip .PACK file integrity check.
  --skip-touch   :  Skip touching the catalog file in the Pack folder after success.
 -v              :  Verbose mode.
                    Prints extra information either to the console (non-GUI mode)
                    or to message boxes (GUI mode).
 -h, -?          :  Show this help.


Please refer to our MDK-5 introduction at:


Last Reviewed: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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