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LICENSE: Preventing Manual Checkout of a FlexNet License

Information in this knowledgebase article applies to:

  • MDK-ARM - All FlexNet licensed versions


As administrator for the Keil tools for my company, I would like to prevent anyone from manually checking out a FlexNet license using the Check Out... button (File — License Management — FlexNet License tab).

Can I do this? If so, how do I do it?


Yes, it is possible to prevent users from manually checking out a FlexNet license with a small change on your FlexNet file server.

The Check Out... button uses the BORROW feature of the FlexNet tools. The easiest way to prevent all users from manually checking out a license is to use the INCLUDE_BORROW option of the FlexNet tools to allow only 1 non-existent user to "BORROW" a license. By doing this, all valid users are excluded from manually checking out (i.e. borrowing) a FlexNet license.


  • Using this option does not affect the automatic check out of licenses when building and debugging projects.

To prevent manual check out:

  1. Make up a user name that does not exist (e.g. not_a_user). This user name can be anything as long as your network will not recognize it as a valid user name.
  2. On the file server servicing your FlexNet license, using a text editor, create a new text file called armlmd.opt in the same folder where your license.dat file is located. If you already have a armlmd.opt file, go to Step 3.
  3. Add the following lines to the armlmd.opt file using the non-existent user name from Step 1:
    INCLUDE_BORROW mdk_pro USER not_a_user
    INCLUDE_BORROW mdk_pro_armasm5 USER not_a_user
    INCLUDE_BORROW mdk_pro_armlink5 USER not_a_user
    INCLUDE_BORROW mdk_pro_compiler5 USER not_a_user
    INCLUDE_BORROW mdk_pro_fromelf5 USER not_a_user
    INCLUDE_BORROW mdk_pro_arm_lcf5 USER not_a_user
    INCLUDE_BORROW mdk_pro_µVision USER not_a_user
    Then Save the armlmd.opt file.
  4. Make sure no one is currently using the FlexNet license server, and log in to your file server as a workstation (or using remote desktop) with administration privileges.
  5. Open LMTOOLS — Start/Stop/Reread tab, and make sure the Force Server Shutdown check box is checked, then click the ReRead License File button to read the new options in the armlmd.opt file. This will take about 5 seconds.
  6. Click the Stop Server button. You should see Stopping server displayed in the status line.
  7. Click the Start Server button. You should see Server Start Successful displayed in the status line after a few seconds.
  8. Select the Config Services tab, and click the View Log... button. You should see each INCLUDE_BORROW option line reflected in the log file confirming that they are now in effect.

Now, when any user clicks the Check Out... button, after selecting a date, the following message box displays:

User/host not on INCLUDE list for feature.
Feature:   mdk_pro_[feature_name]
License Path:
FlexNet Licensing Error: -39,147
For further information, refer to the FlexNet Licensing documentation,
available at ""



Last Reviewed: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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