Network Component  Version 7.13.1
MDK Middleware for IPv4 and IPv6 Networking
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Supported FTP Commands

List of standard FTP commands that can be used on the FTP server. More...

List of standard FTP commands that can be used on the FTP server.

The Network Component's FTP server supports only a subset of standard FTP commands. The following FTP commands are supported:

CodeCommand Description
USERUser Name Starts login with name identifying the user.
PASSPassword Continues login with the user's password.
QUITLogout Closes the user connection.
SYSTSystem Identifies the operating system at the server.
NOOPNo Operation Sends an OK reply.
XNOPNo Operation Same as NOOP
PWD Print Working Directory Returns the name of the current working directory.
XPWDPrint Working Directory Same as PWD
CWD Change Working DirectoryChanges the current working directory of the user.
XCWDChange Working DirectorySame as CWD
CDUPChange Directory Up Changes working directory to the parent of the current directory.
XCUPChange Directory Up Same as CDUP
MKD Make Directory Creates a sub directory in the current working directory.
XMKDMake Directory Same as MKD
RMD Remove Directory Removes the directory.
XRMDRemove Directory Same as RMD
TYPERepresentation Type Supports ASCII and Image types.
PORTData Port Specifies the data port to be used in data connection.
PASVPassive Requests the server to listen on a data port and wait for a connection.
LISTList Sends a directory listing to the user.
NLSTName List Sends a directory listing to the user.
RETRRetrieve Sends a file content to the user.
STORStore Saves a captured user file on server.
APPEAppend Appends a captured user file to an existing file on server.
DELEDelete Deletes a specified file from server.
RNFRRename From Specifies the name of existing file to rename (must be followed by RNTO).
RNTORename To Renames an existing file to new name.
HELPHelp Returns a list of supported commands.
SIZESize Returns the size of a specified file.
MDTMLast-modified Time Returns last-modified time of a specified file.