I/O Retargeting  Version 1.2.0
User Code Templates for I/O Retargeting using ARM Compiler
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I/O Retargeting Documentation

The software component Compiler allows you to retarget I/O functions of the standard C run-time library and is explained in the following sections:

  • Overview : Provides an overview about the Compiler software component, the technical background and the channels that can be retargeted.
  • Retarget Variants : Explains the available options for retargeting the channels and describes the available user code templates.
  • Examples : Shows retargeting examples for different channel/variant use cases.
  • Files : Contains the retarget_io.c file and the user code template files for the different channel/variant use cases.

Revision History

Version Description
V1.2.0 Added support for STDOUT over Event Recorder.
V1.1.0 Added support for ARM Compiler 6.
V1.0.0 Initial public release.