Event Recorder and Component Viewer  Version 1.4.0
MDK Debugger Views for Status and Event Information
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Event Recorder and Component Viewer Documentation

Flexible and easy-to-use middleware components are today essential in modern microcontroller applications. These software components are frequently a "black box" to the application programmer. Even when comprehensive documentation and source code is provided, analyzing of potential issues is challenging.

The MDK debugger offers Component Viewer and Event Recorder that show execution status and event information of software components which helps you to understand and analyze the internal operation. The required infra-structure is already implemented in MDK Middleware and Keil RTX5. However, these views can be easily added to other software components or for the user application.

Component Viewer and Event Recorder views defined in SCVD format


This user's guide contains the following chapters:

  • Overview : explores the features of the Component Viewer and the Event Recorder including configuration, technical data, and theory of operation.
  • Event Recorder: Theory of operation : outlines how Event Recorder works under the hood.
  • Using Component Viewer : shows how to use Component Viewer with MDK middleware, Keil RTX5, or user provided code.
  • Using Event Recorder : explains how to use Component Viewer and Event Recorder with MDK middleware, Keil RTX5, or user provided code.
  • Using Event Statistics : describes how to use Event Statistics to create statistical data on code execution and power consumption.
  • Examples are available demonstrating standard use cases.
  • SCVD File Format : describes the format of the Software Component View Description (*.SCVD) files that define the output of the MDK debugger views.
  • Reference describes the API and the functions of the Event Recorder in detail.

Revision History

Version Description
V1.4.0 Extended SCVD file format with state information.
Changed protocol version to 1.1.
V1.3.0 Added CMSIS RTOS2 as Time Stamp Source.
Extended Time Stamp Timer interface.
Added EventRecorderClockUpdate function.
Enhanced MISRA Compliance.
Improved robustness.
V1.2.1 Added support for Cortex-M23.
V1.2.0-Beta Added support for Event Filtering.
Added Event_Enable/Disable function.
Added Event_Start/Stop function.
Removed Event_Record0/1/3/5/6/7/8 function.
Added Time Stamp Sources (Cycle Counter, SysTick, User provided).
Internal reorganization.
V1.1.0 Added Event_Record function.
V1.0.0 Initial public release.