STM32Cube  Version 2.0
Create Projects for STM32F7 Series with STM32Cube HAL and STM32CubeMX
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This manual explains how to create projects that utilize STM32Cube together with Keil MDK Version 5, which provides Device Family Packs (DFP) for the STM32 device series. The DFPs for STM32 Devices Version 2 (or higher) include STM32Cube and a full set of CMSIS-Driver that provide standardized peripheral interfaces.

STM32Cube provides two components:

  • STM32Cube HAL: a software abstraction layer for STM32 peripherals.
  • STM32CubeMX: a graphical software configuration tool that generates the initialization code for STM32 peripherals.

MDK Software Packs for STM32F2, STM32F4, and STM32F7 extend the support for STM32Cube with:

  • CMSIS-Driver: extend the STM32Cube HAL with standardized drivers for middleware and generic component interfaces.
  • Middleware Examples: that demonstrate the features of the MDK Professional Middleware.

The diagram below is an overview of the complete software stack that is available with Keil MDK Version 5. There are two options to configure the Run-Time Environment.


Refer to MDK Version 5 - CMSIS and the CMSIS Workshop for additional information.

This manual contains the following chapters:

This manual assumes that you are familiar with MDK. Refer to MDK Version 5 - Getting Started for additional information.

Revision History

Version Description
V2.0 Initial release for STM32CubeMX