CMSIS-RTOS2  Version 2.1.2
Real-Time Operating System: API and RTX Reference Implementation
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oCMSIS-RTOS2 APIDescribes the C function interface of CMSIS-RTOS API v2
|oKernel Information and ControlProvides version/system information and starts/controls the RTOS Kernel
|oThread ManagementDefine, create, and control thread functions
|oThread FlagsSynchronize threads using flags
|oEvent FlagsSynchronize threads using event flags
|oGeneric Wait FunctionsWait for a certain period of time
|oTimer ManagementCreate and control timer and timer callback functions
|oMutex ManagementSynchronize resource access using Mutual Exclusion (Mutex)
|oSemaphoresAccess shared resources simultaneously from different threads
|oMemory PoolManage thread-safe fixed-size blocks of dynamic memory
|oMessage QueueExchange messages between threads in a FIFO-like operation
|oDefinitionsConstants and enumerations used by many CMSIS-RTOS functions
||\Flags Functions Error CodesConstants used by Thread Flags and Event Flags to return error codes
|\OS Tick APIProvides a low level API between an device agnostic RTOS implementation and specific periodic timer capabilities
\RTX5 Specific APIThis section describes CMSIS-RTOS RTX5 specifics
 oMacrosRTX5 macros
 oStructsRTX5 structs
 oFunctionsRTX5 functions
 \Event functionsRTX5 Event Recorder functions
  oMemory FunctionsEvents generated memory functions
  oKernel FunctionsEvents generated by kernel functions
  oThread FunctionsEvents generated by thread functions
  oTimer FunctionsEvents generated by timer functions
  oEvent Flags FunctionsEvents generated by event flag functions
  oMutex FunctionsEvents generated by mutex functions
  oSemaphore FunctionsEvents generated by semaphore functions
  oMemory Pool FunctionsEvents generated by memory pool functions
  \Message Queue FunctionsEvents generated by message queue functions