CMSIS-Driver Validation  Version 1.0
Driver Validation
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This manual explains the scope and the usage of the Software Pack for CMSIS-Driver Validation. CMSIS-Driver are standard peripheral API interfaces that connect microcontroller peripherals with middleware or the user application.

The Software Pack for CMSIS-Driver validation provides:

  • Configurable validation tests for several CMSIS-Driver interfaces
  • Example projects that show the usage of the CMSIS-Driver validation

The CMSIS-Driver validation tests and verifies:

  • API interface interaction using the driver capabilities as well as valid and invalid parameters.
  • Data communication with various transfer sizes and communication parameters (i.e. baudrate).
  • Loopback communication (for some interfaces) for testing the underlying hardware.
  • Transfer speed of the data communication with time measurement of data transfers (for interfaces with loopback functionality).

The CMSIS-Driver Validation requires CMSIS-RTOS functionality and can be used to verify the setup and configuration of the CMSIS-Driver interfaces in a user system. It is also used to validate implementation of a CMSIS-Driver interface.

The diagram below is an overview of the configuration for CMSIS-Driver validation.


This manual contains the following chapters:

  • Test Setup - Describes the general setup of the CMSIS-Driver validation test and how to generate test output.
  • Reading Test Results - Explains how to interpret the test results from loopback tests.
  • Examples - Contains information of several example projects including the required hardware setup.
  • Resource Requirements - Lists memory and CMSIS-RTOS requirements.
  • Reference - explains the individual tests for the various CMSIS-Driver interfaces.

The Software Pack for CMSIS-Driver validation current tests the following interfaces:

  • Ethernet Validation - Interface to Ethernet MAC and PHY peripheral.
  • I2C Validation - Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) multi-master serial single-ended bus interface driver.
  • MCI Validation - Memory card interface for SD/MMC memory.
  • SPI Validation - Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) driver.
  • USART Validation - Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (USART) interface driver.
  • USB Device Validation - Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface driver (USB Device communication only).

This manual assumes that you are familiar with MDK. Refer to MDK Version 5 - Getting Started for additional information.

Revision History

Version Description
V1.0 Initial release for CMSIS-Driver API V2.0