CMSIS-Pack  Version 1.4.7
Delivery Mechanism for Software Packs
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CMSIS-Pack describes a delivery mechanism for software components, device parameters, and evaluation board support. The XML-based package description (PDSC) file describes the content of a Software Pack (file collection) that includes:

  • Source code, header files, and software libraries
  • Documentation and source code templates
  • Device parameters along with startup code and programming algorithms
  • Example projects

The complete file collection along with the PDSC file is shipped in ZIP-format as a Software Pack. The PDSC file is designed for software development environments and describes the user and device relevant context for the files supplied within such a Software Pack. A Software Pack can be used for multiple purposes (see below).

After installing a Software Pack, all included software components are available to the development tools. Software components are a collection of source modules, header and configuration files as well as libraries. Packs containing software components can also include Example Projects and User Code Templates.

Software Pack Use Cases

Software Pack Use Cases

The figure above shows the following use cases for Software Packs:

  • Device Family Pack (DFP): contains CMSIS system/startup files, drivers, and flash algorithms for a microcontroller device family.
  • CMSIS Software Pack: contains the generic CMSIS components (CORE, DSP Library, and RTOS implementation) supplied by ARM.
  • Middleware Pack: contains software components belonging to a middleware (such as source code or libraries).
  • Board Support Pack (BSP): contains documentation, schematics, and drivers for a certain development board.
  • In-house Software Packs: usually contain software components that can be distributed within a company or engineering group.
A Software Pack can address multiple use cases at the same time!

The following sections give you more details on the basics:


Files relevant to CMSIS-Pack are present in the following ARM::CMSIS directories:

Folder Content
Utilities Utilities for Creating Packs
Pack\Example Reference Software Pack
Pack\Tutorials Tutorials for Creating Packs