CMSIS-Pack  Version 1.6.0
Delivery Mechanism for Software Packs
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Utilities for Creating Packs

Software Packs are ZIP files that contain a PDSC file and other content, that is specified within the PDSC file in XML. While the PDSC file can be created with any text editor, some of the contents have to be generated by additional programs. Also, verification of a PDSC file requires the help of additional tools. This section gives and overview over programs that are either part of the CMSIS Pack or are available for download on the Internet.

  • packChk.exe is part of the CMSIS Pack and is used to check the validity of a PDSC file.
  • Validation of SVD files with SVDConv.exe is required for SVD files that are part of Device Family Packs.
  • Several XML Editors can verify XML files using the XML schema files that are part of the CMSIS Pack.
  • ZIP Compression Tools create the actual ZIP archive of a Software Pack.