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You can perform a search from anywhere on by entering a search term in Search Keil... and clicking Go. You can also perform a more advanced search by clicking + and specifying additional options before searching.

Useful Search Hints

Hint Example
Use quotes to search for an exact phrase "ARM Cortex-M based"
Use an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words "ARM * microcontrollers"
Use a hyphen to eliminate results containing certain words MDK -board
Use AND/OR for boolean expressions (AND is Google default) MDK or board
Search terms are case insensitive

Product Family (Advanced Options)

Select a microcontroller device family from the list of product families to restrict the search results. You can also select a product family rather than specifying a search term.

Option Value
All Product Families
ARM7, ARM9 and Cortex-M3 Products ARM7
C16x, XC16x, and ST10 Products 166
C251 and 80C251 Products 251
Cx51 and 8051 Products 8051

Modified (Advanced Options)

Select an age option to restrict the search results based upon the file last modified date.

Categories (Search Results)

The Google Search Appliance has been configured to crawl Keil specific sites on a regular basis. When a search is performed the results are automatically categorised just as a Google search would categorise search results into categories like All, Images, News etc. Keil specific sites/categories are as follows:

Category Description Site
All All *
Knowledgebase Support Knowledgebase *
Manuals Product Manuals *
App Notes Application Notes *
Devices Device Dataheets **
Downloads Product Downloads *
Forum Discussion Forum *

Note: When you perform a search, the context in which you perform the search is used to select a default category in the search results. For example if you perform a search from the forum area of Keil then the Forum category will be automatically automatically selected for you.

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