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S0OUT does not behave as expected

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Gerard Roure
22-Feb-2005 19:13 GMT
New! S0OUT does not behave as expected
I am debugging an application using the simulator from uVision3 and the
serial Window #1. My target hardware is a 80c166, and the assignation of
VTREGs to serial output is the following:
  WIN2: <S1IN >S1OUT
I can enter serial data (i.e. indirectly write to S0RBUF) either by
typing characters to the serial window #1 or by writing to S0IN from the
command window. That works fine.

The problem I have got is when reading data from S0TBUF, since the
contents of S0OUT do not seem to match those in S0TBUF. I am
using the following function from a Keil application note in order to
visualise on the serial window what is being sent:
signal void s0out_sig (void)
  while (1)
    wwatch(S0OUT);     /* wait for something in S0OUT */
    printf ("Transmitted a %2.2X\n", (unsigned) S0OUT);
However, it seems that even though my application is transmitting data
correctly, S0OUT is 0 all the time, so the printf function is never
invoked and there is nothing to be printed to the serial window.

I will appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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