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Third-Party FLASH Utilities

Windows Serial Downloader for ADuC8xx Series (Analog Devices)

Windows Serial Downloader: Serial Port Downloader, supporting in-circuit, serial download to the 8051-based MicroConverter family from Analog Devices.

Flip (Atmel)

FLIP (Flexible In-system Programmer) is a free utility program that allows you to program Atmel FLASH Microcontrollers.

FLASHER (Bluewind)

Bluewind FLASHER is a Flash Memory Programming application for embedded platforms based on:

  • Infineon C16x (external FLASH memory)
  • Infineon XC16x (internal and external FLASH memory)
  • Philips LPC2000 (LPC21xx, LPC22xx, internal FLASH memory)
  • ST STR7 (internal FLASH memory

It provides a Windows based user interface that is easy and intuitive, and connects to the target via serial line. Bluewind FLASHER includes a complete set of command line parameters that allows to be used in a fully automated production environment. Special versions are integrated in a NI LabView based environment.

Flash Magic (Embedded Systems Academy)

Flash Magic is a free, powerful, feature-rich Windows application that allows easy programming of Philips FLASH Microcontrollers.

Flash Magic Developer's Kit (Embedded Systems Academy)

Build custom applications for Philips Microcontrollers on the Flash Magic platform! Use it to create custom end-user firmware programming applications, or generate an in-house production line programming tool!

Flash Memory In-System Programmer (Felix Daners Engineering)

The Flash Memory In-System Programmer is a tool that runs under Windows 95/98/NT4/2K. It allows in-circuit programming of FLASH memories via a serial RS232 link to target hardware built around an Infineon C509-L Microcontroller.

Flash166 (FS FORTH Systeme GmbH)

FLASH166 uses the Bootstrap Mode of the Infineon C16x and ST Microelectronics ST10 devices to program data into FLASH memory. It can be used to: Read and verify the contents of FLASH memory, Load data to static memory, Upload data from the target to the host, Make memory dumps, and Test CPU signals. All functions use a very small monitor program that runs in the internal memory of the microcontroller. FLASH166 was initially developed to support the FS FORTH-SYSTEME modules with the Infineon SAB 80C166 and the C167CR. However, you can use this commercial product with your own designs.

BLTDWin (Hitex)

BLTDWin is a free, simple utility that is used for programming external FLASH memory. It uses the AMD FLASHWRITE and EMBEDDED algorithms.

C16x FLASH Utilities (Hitex)

Hitex have produced a number of free FLASH utilities you may download. Included (in source code) are:

  • On-chip FLASH programming utilities.
  • CAN-RS232 bridge boot loader.
  • Several C16x diagnostics.
FLASHit (hse Electronic)

FLASHit - In Circuit FLASH memory programmer. 

For software and hardware development, maintenance and production.

FLASHit supports all internal and external FLASH devices of:

  Infineon: C166, XC167, XE166, XC2000 
  STMicroeletronics: ST10 / STM32 Cortex-M3
  NXP: Complete LPC series of ARM Cortex-M0 / ARM Cortex-M3 / ARM 7
  SiLabs: C8051Fxxx
  Micronas: SDA6000

FLASHit works with all current versions of Windows.

A limited evaluation version is available for download.

DAP miniWiggler (Infineon)

The DAP miniWiggler from Infineon allows the Keil µVision Debugger to communicate with the Infineon DAP/SPD/SWD/JTAG debug interface which is present on XC2000, XE166, XC166 and XC800 devices. In-system Flash memory programming integrated into the driver allows you to rapidly update target code. The µVision Debugger can start and stop program execution, set breakpoints, check variables, inspect and modify memory contents, and single-step through programs running on your target hardware.

MemTools (Infineon)

Infineon has developed a free utility (memtools) which allows you to program Infineon FLASH-based in-system programmable devices.


The Keil ULINK USB-JTAG Interface Adapter is a small hardware adapter that connects the USB port of your PC to the JTAG or OCDS debugging port of your target hardware. With it you can debug and program the on-chip FLASH memory of numerous devices.

ULINK2 (Keil)

The Keil ULINK2 USB-JTAG Interface Adapter connects the USB port of your PC to your target hardware via JTAG, SWD or OCDS; and allows you to program the Flash ROM and debug embedded programs running on target hardware.

It is features real-time trace support for the Cortex-M processor via the Serial Wire Viewer (SWV), and works with standard Windows USB drivers.

ULINKPro (Keil)
WinBurn (Microware Technology)

WinBurn is both the front-end (PC Application) and back-end (target-based boot loader) that work together to allow you to download programs to your target's FLASH memory. WinBurn is a commercial product.

LPC2000 Flash ISP Utility (NXP (Founded by Philips))

The LPC2000 Flash ISP Utility allows you to download programs to the on-chip Flash using the on-chip Flash boot loader of the NXP (Philips) LPC2000 devices.

WinISP (Philips)

WinISP is a free utility program from Philips that programs the FLASH memory on the 51RX+, 51RX2, and 66x devices.

FlashTools (Phytec)

PHYTEC 8-bit and 16-bit Single Board Computer modules are delivered with the FlashTools utility which enables download of user code in machine-readable format via serial interface to Flash memory populating our SBC modules. This convenience means of in-system programming (ISP) forgoes the need to use dedicated programming devices to download user code to Flash memory. The newest version of FlashTools, FlashTools 3, integrates into a single download utility program the previously stand-alone 8-bit, 16-bit and on-chip Flash (OCF) versions of FlashTools. FlashTools 3 also offers:

  • A quick and secure means of programming Flash via a special serial protocol
  • Auto-start for automated processes using a combination of batch command and script files, enabling erasure and programming of Flash in a single action
  • A Windows .dll driver enabling full integration of the FlashTools interface and features into end user Window applications
  • User expansion, such as simultaneous broadcast download of user code to multiple targets via CAN
rFLI (Rigel Corporation)

rFLI runs in the Windows 95/98/NT environment. It supports the bootstrap loader feature of the C16x/ST10 microcontrollers and downloads a minimal monitor during bootstrapping. rFLI is a utility program that programs the internal FLASH memory of the processor and the external FLASH memory chips on the Rigel 16x/ST10 boards. The board must be bootstrapped and the special-purpose monitor program downloaded before any other utility is used.

J-Link ARM (SEGGER Microcontroller)

The J-Link is a USB-powered JTAG emulator and debugger for ARM processors. It features a USB 2.0 interface, can automatically detect the target processor, and run at download speeds of up to 720KBytes/sec

It supports processors in the ARM7 and ARM9 families, as well as the Cortex-R4 and Cortex-M3 processors.

Flasher (STMicroelectronics)

ST provides a free Windows application that allows you to erase and program the on-chip flash memory of the ST10 devices. Simply choose the HEX-file generated by the compiler and Flasher programs the embedded Flash memory accordingly.

Winbond Flash Utility (Winbond)

Winbond offers utility programs that allow you to program the on-chip FLASH memory of the W78E58B/W78LE58 and W78E516B/W78LE516 devices.

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