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ARM Cortex-M0+, 48 MHz, 64 kB ROM, 8 kB RAM

ARM Cortex –M0+ microcontroller, 48MHz, 3.3V, 16 to 64kB of Flash, up to 8kB of SRAM, up to 2kB Read-While-Write Flash, Hardware Touch Support, USB, automotive qualified according AEC-Q100

Core ARM Cortex-M0+, 48 MHz 8 -channel DMA channel
  • DMA:8 -channel DMA channel
  • Processor:ARM Cortex-M0+, 48 MHz
  • Other:12 x Event System
Memory 8 kB RAM, 64 kB ROM
  • ROM:64 kB
  • RAM:8 kB
Clock & Power 2.70 V .. 3.63 V, 48 MHz
  • Supply Voltage:2.70 V .. 3.63 V Operating Voltage
  • Maximum Clock Frequency:48 MHz
  • RTC:32 kHz RTC
Communication I2S, Other, Multi-Purpose Serial Peripheral
  • I2S:1 x Inter-IC Sound
  • Other:1 x USB (host/device)
  • Multi-Purpose Serial Peripheral:6 x SERCOMM (I2C, USART, SPI)
Timer/Counter/PWM 5 x 32-bit Timer, 3 x 24-bit Timer
  • Watchdog:1 x Watchdog
  • Timer/Counter:5 x 32-bit Timer/Counter
  • Timer/Counter:3 x 24-bit Timer/Counter for Control
Analog 1-channel 10 bit DAC, 20-channel 12 bit ADC, 2 x Analog Comparator
  • ADC:20-channel x 12 bit ADC
  • DAC:1-channel x 10 bit DAC
  • Other:2 x Analog Comparator
I/O & Package -40 °C .. 105 °C, 64-QFP
  • Operating Temperature Range:-40 °C .. 105 °C Operating Temperature Range
  • I/Os:52 General Purpose I/Os
  • External Interrupts:16 External Interrupts
  • Package, QFP:64-lead TQFP Package
  • Capacitive Touch Inputs:16 x channels (X- x Y-lines) for mutual capacitance
Development Tools
CMSIS Drivers No CMSIS-Driver in Device Family Pack.
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