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Analog Devices ADSP-CM407BSWZ-AF

ARM Cortex-M4, 240 MHz, 2 MB ROM, 192 kB RAM

The ADSP-CM40x family of mixed-signal control processors is based on the ARM Cortex-M4TM processor core with floatingpoint unit operating at frequencies up to 240 MHz and integrating up to 384KB of SRAM memory, 2MB of flash memory, accelerators and peripherals optimized for motor control and photo-voltaic (PV) inverter control and an analog module consisting of two 16-bit SAR-type ADCs and two 12-bit DACs. The ADSP-CM40x family operates from a single voltage supply (VDD_EXT/VDD_ANA), generating its own internal voltage supplies using internal voltage regulators and an external pass transistor. This family of mixed-signal control processors offers low static power consumption and is produced with a low-power and lowvoltage design methodology, delivering world class processor and ADC performance with lower power consumption.

Core ARM Cortex-M4, FPU MPU 240 MHz
  • Processor:ARM Cortex-M4, FPU MPU 240 MHz
Memory 16 -bit External Bus Interface, 192 kB RAM, 2 MB ROM
  • External Bus Interface:16 -bit External Bus Interface
  • ROM:2 MB
  • RAM:192 kB
Clock & Power 3.13 V .. 3.47 V, 240 MHz
  • Supply Voltage:3.13 V .. 3.47 V Operating Voltage
  • Maximum Clock Frequency:240 MHz
Communication SPI, UART, CAN, USB, OTG, Ethernet, Other
  • SPI:2 x SPI Interface
  • UART:3 x UART Interface
  • CAN:2 x CAN module
  • USB, OTG:1 x USB OTG
  • Ethernet:1 x 10000000 Ethernet MAC
  • Other:1 x two-wire interface (TWI)
  • Other:4 x Serial Port
Timer/Counter/PWM 8 x 32-bit Timer, 2 x 16-bit 3-Phase PWM unit
  • Timer/Counter:8 x 32-bit General-Purpose Timer
  • PWM:2 x 16-bit 3-Phase PWM unit
  • Other:4 x General-Purpose Counter
Analog 16-channel 16 bit ADC
  • ADC:16-channel x 16 bit ADC
I/O & Package -40 °C .. 105 °C, 176-QFP
  • Operating Temperature Range:-40 °C .. 105 °C Extended Operating Temperature Range
  • I/Os:91 General Purpose I/Os
  • Package, QFP:176-lead Low-Profile QFP Package
Development Tools
CMSIS Drivers No CMSIS-Driver in Device Family Pack.
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